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CivilityMS is a veteran, woman-owned Inc. 5000 business. Do you know how we reached that level of achievement? Through consistent support. 

CivilityMS is committed to Veterans. We take pride in giving back to our Veteran Community in training Fortune 500 companies on the best practices for having a “Veteran in the Workplace.” We look forward to providing insight, understanding, and belief on behalf of all Veterans of the United States Military

Part of that insight involves the education and promotion of supporting other veteran-owned businesses. Last week, the Small Business Administration celebrated National Veterans Small Business Week. The “Vet Biz” community remains strong; however, there is always room for improvement. We can not do it alone. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, veterans make up roughly 7 percent of the population, and veteran-owned businesses account for 6.1 percent of all firms in the United States. According to the Small Business Administration, the vast majority, approximately 74 percent, of those veteran-owned businesses are owned by people over the age of 55

That means there are many opportunities to connect with or receive business from a veteran-owned business no matter what you need or where you live. However, it is all of our responsibility to be an active participant in this mission. 

I, Laurie Sayles, am the Chair of the Women Veterans Business Coalition. The Coalition seeks to provide input from women who have served the nation and are building businesses. My participation in this organization is one of many ways I invest in the future of veteran business owners like me. 

According to Bunker Labs, around 200,000 servicemembers transition to civilian life; 25 percent of them say they want to start businesses. How can they begin without your support? That brings me back to how CivilityMS has been able to achieve success. The support our community, customers, family members, and peers have shown plays a large role in providing our services each year. 

We encourage you, this Veterans Day, to support your local veteran-owned establishments. Supporting the veterans of your community not only means sharing a “Thank You For Your Service” but also investing in their efforts in this economy. Whether it is a referral or purchase, your support matters!

If you are a veteran-owned business or you know someone who is, here are few resources :

  • Veteran Business Outreach Centers: This is where the SBA assists veterans in their local communities by helping veterans access resources such as business training, counseling, and mentoring—right in their local communities.
  • Veteran Entrepreneur Portal: A part of the Veteran’s Affairs’ Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, this resource provides access to several business tools and services, including business education, financing opportunities, and information related to government programs and services created specifically for veterans.
  • Boots to Business: Another SBA program, this two-step entrepreneurial training program includes a two-day classroom course and an eight-week online course that offers instruction on forming a business plan and other essential elements of early business ownership.
  • Victory Spark: An accelerator program focused on startups led by U.S. military veterans, it includes a 12-week mentor-driven Lean LaunchPad Program, along with grant funding for entrepreneurs who complete the program.
  • V-Wise: This organization provides resources, courses, and mentorship to female veterans who have started businesses or are looking to do so.
  • Patriot Boot Camp: This accelerator program focuses on helping military veterans and their spouses build technology companies.
  • VetBizCentral: A veteran-run site that assists veterans and active-duty military entrepreneurs through training and counseling, networking opportunities, mentoring, and advocacy.

We hope you all have a safe Veterans Day. 

Keep going and growing. 

Laurie Sayles 
CEO, Civility Management Solutions

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