CivilityMS Past Performance

CivilityMS provides Executive coaching services to the DCMA Senior Leadership Team (SLT) on organizational and culture change management based on the review, analysis and presentation of data from the annual Defense Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS) report, Federal Employees Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) report, Management Directive (MD) -715 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) report, DCMA FY19-22 Strategic Plan, Supervisors and SES Guide, Directors Leadership Philosophy and, Organization Structure.

CivilityMS serves as the full-service information source for all DHS CBP Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM) division activities. We provide communication and telephone skills/trouble shooting, Trade Center Management liaison duties, conference room key control management, audio-visual equipment logbook, and Public Transportation Incentive Program support. 

CivilityMS provides professional moving services to support DHS CBP Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM) Program Management Offices (PMO). We receive daily moving requests from the TRIRIGA system and route move requests accordingly.  We do this by providing intra-building and inter-building moving services for furniture installation and reconfiguration projects to create more efficient space use, removal of furniture to warehouse storage, excess to the General Services Administration (GSA), general deliveries and conferencing facility set-up. CivilityMS furnishes all required labor, deliverables, supervision, and vehicles to perform moving services.

CivilityMS provided non-personal administrative support services in support of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

CivilityMS provides Executive Administrative Support for the HHS Administration for Community Living (ACL) Office of Administration on Disabilities (AoD).  This includes providing professional, high-level executive administrative support services skills to handle the various duties and elements of the Office of the Commissioner, within the office of Administration on Disabilities (AoD).

CivilityMS provides logistical and administrative support to the HHS Family Caregiving Advisory Council, subcommittee meetings and other activities. This includes: coordinating and organizing meeting logistics, making travel arrangements, recording attendance of Special Government Employees (SGEs) at Council Meetings in the federal timekeeping system (ITAS), coordination of administrative and personnel documentation required of SGEs to participate on the Council; preparing agendas and writing minutes of meeting proceedings, preparing materials, securing and operating various communications technologies such as conference call and webinar capabilities, communicating details of meetings with all members and participants, testing/confirming the suitability of all audio-visual equipment, and assuring the accessibility of all materials and presentations, preparing materials for ACL websites, and development of the Family Caregiving Advisory Council Interim Report.

CivilityMS provides the necessary personnel, materials, equipment, support and supplies for Project Management and Management & Logistic Support for SGRG Advisory Council Meetings.  This includes support for securing space in government buildings, support for in-person and virtual meetings, ancillary meeting services (e.g. Assembling, copying, and providing to SGRG Advisory Council members any meeting preparatory materials, providing sign-in sheets for all meeting attendees for accurate attendance, assisting HHS officials with getting SGRG Advisory Council attendees through security and escorting them to the meeting room, etc.), providing travel support for Non-Federal Advisory Council Members.  CivilityMS also works with the ACL Office of Caregiver and Supportive Services and the Office of Information Resources Management on the operation of a collaboration platform for the sharing of documents between the SGRG Advisory Council members, other internal and external stakeholders, CivilityMS, and the COR.

CivilityMS provides administrative, logistical, and technical writing/editing support in Planning for and implementation of ACMH and additional OMH convenings; ACMH member recruitment; and Technical writing/editing for the development of written reports.

CivilityMS provides administrative and support services to satisfy the overall operational objectives of planning, coordinating, executing, and facilitating the ACC SQ/CC and Spouse Course; Palace Acquire (PAQ) & Copper Cap (COP) Symposium; Sword Look and Sword Bearer conferences at Langley AFB, VA. 

CivilityMS provides the services of a Protestant Gospel Musician (PGM).  The PGM provides musical selections on the piano or keyboard for the Protestant Gospel Service. The PGM also assists the Protestant Gospel Worship Leader (Volunteer) in teaching music to the choir and other musicians in support of the Protestant Gospel Worship Service at Nellis AFB, NV

CivilityMS provides personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and quality control necessary to perform Logistics Services.  This includes working with Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-A), Logistics Supply Activity (LOGSA), Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW), Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC), Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS), Parts Tracker and Fed Log.  CivilityMS coaches, mentors, and teaches Command Supply, Food Service, Maintenance and Deployment Disciplines while applying DOD/DA regulations, pamphlets and GA-ARNG/USPFO policies and directives; additionally, we develop and administer initiatives to better support command information needs such as positively influencing the Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) and improving unit readiness, assisting with equipment reset operations and posturing units for future missions. We provide subject matter expertise to Major Subordinate Commands and assist in the equipment reset program.

CivilityMS provides operations support in the areas of resource management, project management, and application server system administration to the United States Army Information Systems Engineering Command – National Capital Region Engineering Directorate (USAISEC NCRED), at Fort Belvoir, VA and Fort Huachuca, AZ.

CivilityMS provides live streaming, recording, and post production services for the Government-wide Financial Management Conference (GFMC).  This also includes providing project management support.

CivilityMS arranges and coordinates through the VA Chaplain guest Musicians, maintain Chaplain Service musical instruments, coordinate and/or provide music for one scheduled service of worship each Sunday, as well as “special” scheduled and unscheduled services, such as, Saturday services, memorial services, weddings, funerals, etc., serve as accompanist to choirs, music team, and others.

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