Message from the CEO July 2017

Laurie Sayles

A Fireside Chat with CEO Laurie

Why did you choose Civility Management Solutions for the Company name?

As a Woman that served in the US Marine Corps, I realize I can be direct, forceful and too serious, and some get offended, even though that is not my heart’s desire. However, what I like about who I am is that I am respectful, responsible and have learned to practice restraintI am a leader, a motivator, and a promoter and I enjoy that part of me. But, I chose “Civility” as a part of the company name because it spoke to what mattered most when it comes to good work relations. A person may not have all of the skills for a particular job, but can learn; however, a person that is not respectful, responsible, or considers practicing restraint is someone that can be a detriment to the work place and create discord among staff. That person will possibly have a glass ceiling on top of their head!

Laurie S. Artis
President and CEO

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