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Recognize, Repair, and Repeat Board Member Roles and Responsibilities


Recognize, Repair, and Repeat (R3) Board is a passionate group professionals dedicated supporting the mission of the charitable arm of Civility Management Solutions. The R3 Board of Directors intend to carry the mission of R3 by creating various fundraising events in the Eastern and Midwest regions of the United States. By donating our time and raising funds, we are nurturing the betterment women, Veterans, and the dis-advantaged communities. Founder of R3 Laurie Sayles is dedicated to being of service to these groups, whom she is and has been part of. Our role as a board member is to be an active agent of change, and responsive resource as R3 seeks to educate and advocate for these groups and partner with organizations, entities, and individuals that share this mission.

Roles and Responsibilities

● Actively raise philanthropic revenue by encouraging personal and professional networks to contribute to the fundraising initiatives and events
● Encouraged to regularly volunteer at the academy in order to make an impact and connect with the organization
● Serve as a fundraising ambassador on behalf of the emerging leaders at the academy
● Assist in identifying, cultivating, and recruiting diverse members onto the committee
● Consider serving as an event co-chair for a signature fundraising event

Anticipated Time Commitment

● Term limits - 2-year terms, renewable option available
● Meeting requirements - in-person attendance in 75% of monthly meetings is anticipated to occur on the first Tuesday of every month (participants may join by phone)
● Varying subcommittee meetings, fundraising events, and social events, as available
● Participate in two days of service during the term of membership
● An annual donation of $250

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Questions about the applications should directed to


R3 Wide Logo

R3 Wide Logo

Please indicate below what skills you are willing to bring to our board and your experience level in eachVery experiencedSome experienceLittle or no experience
Board Development
Financial Management
Graphic Design
Information Technology
Legal Advising
Mentoring Programs
Public & Media Relations
Special Event Planning & Execution
Sponsorship & Fundraising
Strategic Planning
Writing & Publications
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